14 May, 2006


thejayfather's very-soon-to-be-new wife, Jill, is tall, no doubt about it. but she also has a problem: she thinks she's taller than me. it may not be that much of a problem actually, because some people agree with her, though the more we talk about it the more she gets annoyed--like she's passed denial and is reaching the anger phase of grieving over her lost supremacy. after all the tests we've done that she has written off, we finally did one whose results couldn't be questioned: on her home turf, with her dad using a spirit level as the judge and with both of us sock- and shoeless, we finally came to a conclusion that both of us seem able to accept.

in the interest of promoting marital harmony, however, i'm not going to tell you the result, but let you see the photographic evidence and judge for yourself. all i will say is: let the bargaining begin.

Jill is tall, but is she taller than me? note how hard she is trying to muster herself up to full height, and then leave a comment and let me know what you think, and the actual test result will be revealed in a future post.