31 January, 2006


Jilluns and i were taking a walk around my neighbourhood on Saturday evening when i saw the following item lying on the street. it was practically begging to be picked up, and you will see that the risk to my health was well worth the effort. though it seem s a bit voyeuristic to publish it, if you're out there Scarlett, i think we can all feel your pain.


oh Scarlett...

04 January, 2006


thejayfather spent the Christmas season in fine style, up in Utah with family. even the weather managed to cooperate for my visit, warming up considerably just before Jill and i arrived, and cooling off again when we left. and something about the expectation of cold in Utah makes it seem less so, at least compared to California, where heat is supposed to be the rule.

anyway, among the many important things that occurred on that trip was a pretty thorough cleaning out of all my stuff in my parents' basement. i was not looking forward to trawling through all that junk but i did mangae to trash a whole bunch of it, and more importantly, i rediscovered some old treasures. of note were my cyclocomputer, which may mean i now have the motivation to get some exercise every once in a while; my harmonicas, including a sweet Hohner Blues Harp in the key of C (now i might learn to play something recognizable with it...); and a few important documents etc.

among this last class were the items pictured below, which are far too sweet just to go back in boxes. both are notes to me from my younger sister, Kim, and are from quite different time periods, though there are no dates on either. if i had to guess i'd say the first is mid- to late 80s, and the later one is probably from the mid-90s, just after we moved to the States.

Kim's earlier letter. a pound (₤) is now worth about $1.72, quite a lot for a young lad in the late 80s. below another work of slightly later vintage.

i hope you enjoy these priceless works as much as i do, and will ponder the wisdom Kim shares with us all: Polos really are that good, and a little respect goes a long way.